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    Zuo Tianming continued: "Very good! Everyone is very enthusiastic. This is a good sign, and also shows that without the Stone City branch manager, Deputy Director Yan's leadership work is still good . However, in the future I hope everyone will be more motivated to complete every job well! I will always pay attention to the performance of the position. In my opinion, the positions in the Stone City branch are designed It's designed for things rather than people. It's designed. If someone sits on a vegetarian diet and doesn't do a good job, I will ask that person to resign and let someone with more ability and dedication do the job. This is the mechanism. can be promoted or demoted. The purpose is to let people move, don't think that I have a job anyway, and just focus on things like tickets and women. Our secret service headquarters Branch Stone City is a secret service agency, and as an assistant to the Royal Army Special High School, we should play a role. It works. Some time ago, there were some serious incidents against the imperial army in this stone city, but there are still no clues to solve the case. This is a shame for us! Before I arrived, Director of the Secret Service Ding specifically gave me instructions. He Langtao, the former director of the Stone City branch, is a typical negative example. I hope I can learn from the experience. I also warn everyone here that no matter who is at the Stone City branch, If you don't work hard, then I will kick him out! And if someone works hard and makes achievements, I will not hesitate to give him positions and rewards! Well, I'm just saying.”

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