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    few hours later, the defense line of the water plant collapsed, the Japanese army tried its best to support them, but the 91st Division, responsible for attacking the north, did not give them any chance. any. a nightmare for the Japanese army. A rain of steel arrows erupted one after another from the top of their heads, nailing every living thing into the ground. Even if they crawled along the trenches, they could not escape such an attack. Up One wave of deaths, three reinforcements had no effect except creating a bloody road strewn with more than two hundred corpses between the urban area and the water plant. In addition, the counterattack on the dock also failed, the last wave of counterattacks staged was crushed by the frantic fire of 57mm naval guns before hitting the Marine defenses. . played no role and was torn to pieces. A company of Marines stormed Danya under cover of naval guns. After a fierce battle, they tore down the menstrual flag that had flown over Danya for seven years, and then there, three 120mm mortars were positioned to bombard the urban area, and several shells were fell near the security headquarters, telling the demons with roaring explosions: You're done! Wash your neck and wait to die!

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    There is something wrong. Before, in every battle he was as calm as water, as calm as a humanoid computer, the more important the battle, the calmer he was, but this time... his hands had been shaking since he ordered the fleet to actually depart. During the bombing mission, His mind was restless, no matter how much he chanted, it was of no use, this is not right!

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    Brigadier General Zhou proudly said: "All of us in the Red Eagle Brigade crawled from the dead, and have long since stopped valuing our lives. The devils want to take advantage of us. No! "

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    On the Sino-Japanese battlefield, mechanized troops were no longer the monopoly of the Japanese army. With a large amount of equipment constantly being put into use, a large number of automobile soldiers and armored soldiers graduating, and the Eighth Army also having its own mechanized army, the Hetao Plain is the battlefield. their ideal school. Unfortunately, the lovely general Gangcun knew nothing about it, there were many signs that the Japanese army was going all out to increase troops to Eastern Mongolia, from Zhangjiakou to Baotou, the density of troops The Japanese team rose in a straight line. Actually planning to outflank the Hetao plains and form an arc to surround the base area!

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    He still doesn't know that there is a type of aircraft called electric combat aircraft. This type of aircraft does not shoot hot artillery shells, but rather shoots out electromagnetic waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but in terms of damage, it is more terrifying. any kind. fighter jet. No matter how powerful a fighter jet is, it can only decide the victory of a local air battle, but electric fighter jets can torture the enemy in a war zone to the point of insanity, the military is very aware of. this. However, his rich combat experience and beastly instincts made him realize that this fighter plane was very dangerous. If he didn't quickly shoot it down, the consequences would be dire! He estimated that his fighter plane still had 30 artillery shells. The remaining fuel was almost exhausted. At most, he could only launch two attacks on the enemy. The situation for them was too unfavorable. But what? Even if you fight, you must be knocked down. Since when did Emperor Yubayashi fear the Chinese people!

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    The Pingluo area opened the most intense and densest bombing in human history. In just 20 seconds, more than 50 tons of artillery shells fiercely hit the Japanese and puppet troops, forming a battlefield. large-scale bombardment. The Chinese soldiers hiding on the mountain were horrified to see bright beams of explosions appear on the battlefield tens of kilometers wide at the foot of the mountain. Then the explosions expanded, forests of fire rising one after another, covering covers the whole ground. , The enemy suddenly disappeared! The violent sound of thunder made the earth tremble, the soaring flames made the sky change color, this kind of atmosphere had never been seen before, everyone was terrified! The captain turned pale and looked at Tiet Man: "This... Is this where you called for reinforcements?"

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    Model was silent, wagging his fingers, and after a long while said: "Only you and I can tell the truth... Now our situation has not improved with a series of victories, on the contrary. It's gotten worse and worse. I have at most 500 ME262s in my hand, but now there are less than 300 left. One-third of the pilots have changed, and those experienced pilots are almost exhausted. The ground forces were similar, and the armored forces were better, especially the purchased Leopard tanks, unless the Allied forces used bombers to bomb, otherwise they would not be able to destroy them. effectively destroyed them. in Antwerp. The meat grinder was constantly reduced to mush, especially the fanatical SS infantry divisions. Four divisions were beaten down to a thousand men. The encirclement of the enemy was increasing day by day. many, the troops that once besieged them became less and less, I tried every means to find a way to break through, but every time I broke through, the enemy would fight back with ten times more firepower and a hundred times more madness regardless. What price? of war, nothing can be achieved except bloody casualties!"

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